Image Processing #2: Common Blender Functions

We will list some common functions and shortcuts.

Navigation. Use the arrows in the numpad to navigate, and also their combinations with Ctrl or Shift. Have fun trying them out!

Selecting multiple object. Hold shift + left mouse click.

Real time rendering.

Look at the red circles. We can change the sections in Blender’s interface by clicking on them, depending on our preferences. To edit a scene and see them change in real time, set both to 3D view as shown below. At the bottom half, shown with green rectangle, type Shift + Z and edit the top half. See how it changes, pretty neat!


Round edge


Click the edge, then Ctrl + B and then go increase the number of segments as shown in red.



Highlight the region to bend, then click Shift + W. Place the cursor (crosshair) as the pivot, and then move the mouse around to bend the object.

Merging Vertices

You might be faced a lot of meshes while working with Blender. Sometimes we might want to merge vertices. The following shows 4 vertices to be merged into 1.

Select all four vertices simultaneously, click Alt+M, and choose the way you want to merge (in this example, we choose to merge the vertices towards the crosshair cursor).